Because Windows is such a common system

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We already know that there are two great web hosting services, on Windows servers and Linux servers. Both systems have their own advantages and disadvantages and the discussion could go on for hours about which one is better than the other.

However, from a business perspective, it often appears that Linux servers are less expensive than Windows hosting servers. Although not all Linux hosting providers are able to offer low prices, here are some of the reasons why Linux hosting service can sometimes be the least expensive alternative.

Certification cost

Because Windows is a great system, they need you to pay the license price to use it. Linux is a free system and therefore its operating system is too. The best thing is that its free does not mean that Linux has less speed, stability or performance than what Windows offers.


Many developers will be willing to argue that Linux servers are much more reliable than Windows. With Windows servers it is likely that you will have to resort to assistance and other tools that are required to maintain the reliability of the servers, which can also translate into an extra expense. Because Linux is free, customers have more independence to create solutions that really work in any eventuality. A solution like Linux is less complex and therefore can be run at a much cheaper price.

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Platform Complexity

Because Windows is such a common system, it is the one that most technicians understand how to use. This means that there are a lot of people using it, and it has been marketed a lot more. Linux has been developed as a shared system and therefore the costs involved can be much lower. As it is a free system, people who understand how to use Linux have much more independence in their control and therefore can push their limits.

Watch out! Google gets tougher on sites without an SSL certificate

Finally, the choice of a Windows or Linux platform for your hosting services will always depend on your needs and also on your pocket. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, the important thing is to be well informed about the systems before selecting the right one for you.

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In view of the recent changes announced by cPanel in its service policies as of this September, we at INC have updated our terms of use for virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers.

For this reason, as of October 1 of this year, all VPS with WHM / cPanel will have the following cPanel account packages available, which we present below:

Depending on the number of cPanel accounts that your VPS has hosted, the indicated package will be added, forming part of your usual billing cycle. During September INC will be responsible for the additional associated costs so that it can continue managing its service.

As for WHM / cPanel Dedicated Servers , the available package will be 100 cPanel accounts at no additional cost. If you want to quote a plan with more accounts, our sales executives will be available to assist you in our channels , chat, personal pages or through the number 228401940.

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Starting in July, with the release of Chrome 68, Google will start exposing sites without SSL certificates, as “Not Secure.”

In previous publications we had told you about the importance of security for your website, this with the aim of preventing your clients -or potential clients- from fleeing your site, because they do not have the necessary security when inserting their personal data or commercial.

For some time now, Google has made some moves to make sites increasingly secure and reliable and for this year it already has a new measure, which is already giving something to talk about.

And it is that since July 2018, the Internet giant will launch its Chrome 68 browser , which will change the way you display your website, in the eyes of users. You want to know more? Here at INC we tell you.


The main variation that non-HTTPS web sites will suffer is that instead of showing the site as “information”, as it happens now, it will display a message that will say “Not secure” , as it appears in the image.

And it is that according to some statistics, 81 of the best 100 websites are protected with SSL certificates and around 70% of Chrome’s global traffic, both on Android and Windows, is already carried out according to this protocol .


In simple words, an SLL certificate enables secure communications between Internet users and the website they are visiting . Thus, the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the information that is entered is guaranteed.

The way you can tell whether or not a site has an SSL certificate is by looking at a lock icon in the browser’s address bar . When installed, you can see that the address bar turns green. In addition, you will also see that it says https: // in the address bar.


Of course, having an SSL certificate, with its corresponding Safe Site symbol, provides an image of seriousness and professionalism to your brand, as well as giving your users peace of mind and confidence to use your shopping cart . It is worth noting that it will be much more difficult now for people to trust online payment sites exposed to security breaches.

It is also crucial that you are clear that an SSL does not only refer to the use of online transactions. Why? Imagine the following:

A person who registers on a website without SSL, leaving his email and registration key, can easily be intercepted. Your password can be compromised and any cybercriminal could use it to access any other service where it is being used, such as banks, social networks or others. This could have repercussions both financially and personally.

This is not a minor issue, considering that hacks are the order of the day and not only affect people, but also large companies, as has happened with Instagram or Taringa, to name a few.

If you want to know the status of your website in terms of SSL certificate , you can do so by visiting the following page.


At INC we know that for an entrepreneur or someone who is just starting their business on the Internet, gaining the trust of their customers is something really important. For the same reason, our services are focused on providing all the security that our clients – and their clients – need .

Put the green padlock on your website so that your users browse safely by contracting your SSL certificate with INC . With this, you will project respect towards the concerns of your audience. Do not wait more!