The Way the free hosting Started João’s Avenues

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We are living in a time when using any kind of business on the internet is already regarded as normal. Whether as a Youtuber, a blogger or establishing a site and setting up your e-commerce. But for those who opt to enter this branch, it’s necessary to evaluate some scenarios, for example which site hosting firm to hire when developing a site. That is where João’s story begins.
João has always worked in the graphic business, performing all sorts of work, from printing to generating folders, cards, leaflets and since 2002 he also works with HTML.
“I began as a blog, with just updates and news from the industry. Today we’re still an e-commerce, but we’re still trying to locate space in the sales of printed materials, creation of sites and e-commerces”, says the CEO of the firm
“Before producing the site we needed to locate a cheap email hosting, but as I did not have a lot of experience with WordPress, paying for an agency in the time would be a little detrimental”, he reveals.
“We stayed on this absolutely free platform to perform a first experimentation, I spent months redoing projects. This platform was extremely important for my travel, it allowed me to see the defects and that which I could explore inside an e-commerce”, he explains.
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After getting used to the resources and the site needs a more powerful server, João had to supply this need and discover a better hosting with quality support. “Our requirement improved and we needed to proceed to a low-cost, paid-for hosting using benefits. We found WebLink and was quite surprised by the very low cost plans and exceptional benefits, such as 24 hour support. As we’re an e-commerce and we work directly with clients, trust is essential, so we opted to get a email hosting plan using SSL, which drew a lot of attention”.
Having a group of five individuals, a hosted website and increasing traffic, expectations for 2018 are fantastic. “We want to establish the Joaodagrafica new as an e-commerce reference in the graphic industry. We believe that online success is not based 100% on earnings, but on the credibility of the site, to generate more earnings”.
The first experience for testing with a free platform allowed João and the entire Joaodagrafica team to maximize the site for clients in the best way possible. Using a website set up, the dissemination of works became much simpler, in addition to having optimized a unique place for online quotes.
“People need to understand that setting up a business online needs patience. In our case, it was weeks of testing until we left for a paid hosting. However, that made us put up a quality website and generate credibility for our customers.”
The Joaodagrafica team has five professionals. The CEO himself, João de Morais, who functions in the systems development component. There are girls from the company, such as Thalyta, who works in the IT area, Márcia Llong, administrative manager and Virgilia Moreira, accountable for art and creation. The printing department renders the task to Janderson Moreira. They have been together since 2002 and have been using WebLink best email hosting for small business uk since the start of this season.

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