RoundCube: Why It’s a Viable Application for Webmail Requires

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Deciding on what webmail program you would like to use can be a difficult process. That is especially true when you’re looking for something reliable that has integrated security criteria, and provides you the option for multiple sender identities.
The fantastic thing is that RoundCube could be what you are searching for. Offering a vast range of features, RoundCube is also simple to comprehend and provides a user-friendly interface. For those and other reasons, it’s become a favorite program for personal, business, and educational use.
In this article, we will look into RoundCube’s background in detail. Then we’ll check out why its features can make it such a useful tool. Let’s begin!
An Introduction to RoundCube
Webmail differs from conventional email, as it is hosted by an external server. RoundCube is an excellent illustration of that technology in action. It’s open-source software that functions like a desktop application:
The RoundCube webmail program.

First published in 2008, RoundCube is a totally free browser-based online Message Access Protocol (IMAP) email client program. Due to its era, it has had time to develop and offer customers a smooth experience.
Among RoundCube’s main selling points is the fact that it’s a user-friendly option with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface. What’s more, it allows for customization using plugins, provides multilingual support, and provides ample privacy security.

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To make things even easier, here at personal email hosting RoundCube is already integrated into our hosting support. Thanks to host reliability you can rely on, you may be certain that you won’t overlook a single email.
4 Key RoundCube Features (And How They Can Help You)
When searching for a brand new webmail host, you’ll undoubtedly have certain requirements in mind. That will leave you wondering if RoundCube provides what you need. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of this application’s key features.
1. Drag-and-Drop Service
As we said previously, RoundCube is made to be easy to use.
This drag-and-drop feature helps to facilitate email management. With just a click, then you can transfer emails around and arrange your folders. Instead of having to browse through different steps, you may merely drag-and-drop folders and mails wherever you prefer.
This also works if you want to move a group of mails simultaneously. You’re able to select numerous emails, and drag them where they will need to be. Likewise, RoundCube lets you immediately move folders, fix archive configurations, and so on.
2. A User-Friendly Interface
One of the biggest benefits of using RoundCube is its user-friendly interface. This specific solution places an emphasis on being simple, easy to use, and intuitive to navigate. Let’s look at a couple of things that help to make it that way:

The capacity to search messages and contacts along with a threaded conversion perspective
Find-as-you-type performance and also a spell checker
Multi-device support, including mobile devices
You also get the advantage of other quality-of-life features, for example attachment previews. That can help to ensure you are sending the proper files. Plus, you can program specific keyboard shortcuts that allow you work quicker and better.
Security and Privacy Protections
Safety in email is vital. Roughly 82% of businesses experience some type of a threat for their email systems sooner or later. In case your e mail security is breached by a phishing scam, you could face unfortunate effects.
Many businesses report a decrease in employee productivity, loss of information, and adverse financial impacts because of recovery costs and reputation damage.
This includes aid for Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) email encryption, protection against brute-force login efforts, and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack defense. All these add up to provide more layers of protection for you and your enterprise.
Canned Response Templates
However, having access to canned answer templates is important for improving your workflow, regardless of what business you’re in.
A canned response template means that you simply have to click on a button so as to insert a pre-written response in an email. This can be particularly helpful for customer support representatives seeking to streamline replies. It saves everyone from having to make the same answers from scratch over and over again.
RoundCube provides you using these templates and makes them simple to use, so you don’t become bogged down by replies.
How to Begin With RoundCube
If you’ve determined that RoundCube is the webmail server for you, then the next step is ensuring you have the right host. After all, while the application for RoundCube is free, you’ll still need someone to host it.
When choosing a host, attempt to be certain that it’s compatible. Just as important, you will want to look for a host that offers several plans to select from.
For example, at domain and email hosting we offer various RoundCube hosting alternatives, based on your business’ specific needs:
A2 Hosting’s RoundCube best email hosting uk plans.

Plans start at just under $4 per month, and then cap out at under $10 a month. This way, you’re covered for anything you need. Whether that’s a single or unlimited account, or even regular or turbo speed, you can get it. RoundCube comes pre-installed, so you are going to be ready to email to a heart’s content.

With so many options available, finding the ideal webmail application can appear overwhelming. Of course, you’ll want something which offers a multitude of helpful features, including ease of use and safety.
With that in mind, RoundCube is an exceptional choice.
It offers drag-and-drop support that facilitates email management.
The port is user friendly and user friendly.
There’s a package of vital privacy and security protections.
You can enhance your workflow with canned answer templates.
Do you have any thoughts or questions about using RoundCube as a webmail program? Let us know in the comments section below!