How to wear bomber jacket

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Who knew that today she would be shining again?

We’re talking about the bomber jacket that won the hearts of designers and fashionistas and landed once and for all in the women’s closet!

This winter she is a darling of the catwalks and Street Style, the bomber jacket is known for being a sports model, but thanks to the fabrics and combinations it gains an air of glamor . The bomber model would have its origins in the flying jackets created for the American army in 1917, some say that they appeared before that, in Belgium and France, integrating the uniform of the Royal Flying Corps bonanza satrangi .

The fact is that they were created to meet the needs of airline pilots, at that time the cabins were open and aviators needed something to protect them without limiting their movements, and so the model was developed with the handles and bar well adjusted to the body.

Each pilot customized his own jacket with the souvenirs, with the number of completed missions, maps, medals and other signs and messages of the kind. As time went by, the aircraft evolved and the jackets were also lighter and consequently suitable for daily use, always maintaining the original model with front zipper and elastic bars on the waist and cuffs.bonanza satrangi

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It was the cinema that made the use of the bomber jaquet popular, in the film Juventude Transviada (1955) it was used by the young James Dean, after, other successes such as Taxi Driver (1976) and Top Gun (1986) also made use of the bomber model. With the desire created by the play through films, the designers started to meet the demand, primarily for the male audience.

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It was only in the 1990s that the model gained the female version and entered the women’s closet. In the beginning, bomber jackets were very similar to the original model, but quickly gained new references.

Today bombers keep the old format, but they get silk models, embroidered, metallized, printed, lace, whatever creativity dictates!

how to wear bomber jacket blog

1. Bomber Jacket: How to Wear
The most used jaquet bomber lately are those of neutral colors, black, white, olive green and the mix are prominent colors in current looks, the piece has the power to give an informal air to the look, and appears combined with skirts pencils, tailoring pants and high heels, making the more formal looks more unusual and more interesting!

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The oversized models combine better with shorter pieces, nishat linen to give balance to the look and not get too big.

how to wear bomber jacket blog

As you can see the bomber jacket is very eclectic, and goes from classic to casual, so you can combine it with tailoring pieces, pencil skirts, overalls, skirts of all models, trousers and dresses, even the models of godĂȘ dresses , with a romantic air they look beautiful with the piece! On the feet, it is worth investing in sneakers, oxfords, espadrilles and flat sandals. Create your way of using, assemble your look and rock!