How to dress well when it’s cold: 10 essential clothes

how to dress when it’s cold

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Knowing how to dress when it’s cold is an integral part of your personal style. You are not going to give up your style 3 months out of the year; and sometimes more depending on where you live. Your desire to dress well and stay stylish in the  charizma online winter, while still being warm, shouldn’t leave you . But the winter season is not the easiest way to dress in style : how not to be cold while not looking like a bibendum ? And how can you stay comfortable at the same time? I am therefore proposing 10 essential clothes to protect you from the cold once and for all + 4 ready-to-wear looks . While guaranteeing you style and feminine elegance.You’ll be able to juggle your clothes and be warm while mastering your style . Rather tempting, isn’t it?Sana Safinaz

3 rules for dressing well when it’s cold
3-layer rule: the onion method
To ensure warmth, you should always dress with 3 essential layers on your upper body :

the base layer , close to your body. It protects your skin, keeps you warm and wicks away moisture. Better to opt for a thermal base in a quality material. I tell you about it further down in the article. Concretely, it is a t-shirt or a tight top satrangi in a technical material. It acts as a second skin.
the middle layer . It isolates you. Concretely, it is a sweater or a cardigan in wool or cotton among others.
the top layer . It protects you from bad weather (rain, wind). Concretely, it is a wool blend coat or a technical parka.
For your lower body , consider wearing leggings or tights underneath your jeans or pants. If you are wearing a skirt or dress, consider wearing heavy tights .

The 4th layer trick

If the 3 coats are not enough, do not hesitate to add a 4th coat : either between the 1st and the 2nd coat, or between the 2nd and the 3rd coat. Concretely, what is it?

Wear a large woolen cardigan over your 2nd layer (sweater / cardigan) before putting on your coat. I advise you to have at least 40% of quality material in the composition of this piece (example: 30% mohair, 10% wool and 60% acrylic to the maximum. The best is to increase the percentage of natural material and as high as possible to sobia nazir  stay warm in very cold weather).
If it’s moderately cold, you might want to wear a denim, flannel or chambray shirt under your sweater instead . It’s a very stylish sartorial overlay. Which doesn’t spoil your appearance, we agree.

Coverage rule

Just think about covering your skin as much as possible : long-sleeved tops, longest possible bottoms, turtlenecks (for these, you can opt for the nishatlinen tight, loose or turtleneck depending on your neck and the model in which you are most comfortable).

If you like skirts and dresses, there’s nothing stopping you from wearing ‘sweater’ styles and tights . Or even ‘tube’ models + tights .