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Occasionally first-time traffic to our site or hearing for the first time are overwhelmed with the multitude of great deals. This
report explains our inexpensive calculation in detail.Data facilitiesWe do everything from the ground up. We not only own the
information centers, but also the property that goes together. Hetzner was founded in 1997 and after more than ten decades of
success in the industry of web hosting, we decided to construct our own data centers. After many years building information
centers in existing buildings, we were all too familiar with these tradeoffs that this could create. But these years also gave us
the experience we needed to understand exactly what we want out of a data centre.The first new data center was finished in 2009.
We now operate two big data center parks at Falkenstein / Vogtl. and in Nuremberg. Another place is presently being built in
Finland.The construction of Cheap Colocation Uk is now one of our core competencies, as we don’t outsource this job, but have put up our
own construction department. In addition, we employ electricians, electrical engineers, air conditioning technicians, website
supervisors, architects and many, many more.




This gives us full control over what’s designed and built. In addition, we have our
own trucks to transport servers into the information centers. Our procedures are highly integrated.By establishing our own data
centres, we can influence every detail. A fantastic instance of this is the energy efficiency of our Server Colocation Uk. Every kilowatt
hour that we don’t use enables us to provide our products and services more cheaply.serverOur intention is to provide servers with
an superb price-performance ratio. This target requires an entire set of individual steps. First of all, we build the servers
ourselves. Most men and women know that it is often cheaper to build a computer than purchase a pre-built one. The same goes for
our servers.Building our own servers also suggests that we decide which parts are used. We pick those components very carefully
according to the following criteria: PowerCostpower consumptionCaliberWe do not spend a good deal of money on visually appealing 1U
19″cases. Nobody but our technicians sees these cases and we don’t have to spend money on things that we don’t need. We utilize a
support-friendly, custom-made instance that’s especially designed for our cooling concept is tailored and where a highly
efficient, long-lasting power supply is constructed.Our financial concept is based on our many years of expertise within the
sphere of web hosting. By way of instance, we only utilize Juniper devices in the backbone area; We use apparatus that already
produce full redundancy and we utilize at least a few of these at every location to be able to accomplish a further level of
empowerment. Nevertheless it is of course impossible to guarantee 100% network stability, but we are very proud of what we can
offer our customers and we are very satisfied with our network. We could spend a lot of cash to improve it just a little, but we
constantly strive for the greatest potential price-performance ratio.automationWe offer sensibly designed, dependable and highly
automated goods. By Way of Example, a Normal server delivery looks like this:20 days: We order the components for the host (manual
process)15 times: The server is being assembled (manual procedure )12 times: The server is built into the stand at the information
centre (manual procedure )10 times: The machine carries out a hardware test for approx. Two days (automatic procedure )8 times:
All test results are assessed and stored in our hardware database (automated process)8 days: The server is switched off (automated
process)0:00 We get a server order (manual process – carried out by the customer)0:00 The arrangement is approved (automated
process if there are no special requests – differently manual assess during business hours)0:01 WOL signal to the server
(automated process)0:02 Server starts via network boot and also starts the setup (automatic procedure )0:14 Running some
post-installation post-installation procedures such as network configuration, time and date, password, etc. (automated procedure )
0:15 The server begins the newly installed operating system (automated process)0:16 We deliver the accessibility data to the
customer (automated process)We move very similarly for cancellations, therefore both processes are almost completely automated.
This makes the processes very fast, reliable and cheap – as long as the server ordered is a normal offer with no alterations. We
have to construct special servers, which is why it may take up to 3 days for such a server to get on the internet.RatesThe prices
of our servers are based on the actual cost of the server and support. We do not try and fund our offers through
cross-subsidization.When considering the normal life cycle of a server, the highest price is when purchasing new hardware. The
loss in value can also be greatest during the first five months of the expression. That’s the reason why we charge a setup charge
for most servers (older servers frequently don’t have a setup fee). There are many competitors who offer servers with no
installation fees, occasionally even with greatly reduced monthly charges for the first month or two of the contract. This pricing
plan is the precise opposite of actual costs and they have to be offset differently. We think that the very best price-performance
ratio can be achieved by aligning the cost structure with all our internal prices as far as possible.Many customers ask for
reduced installation fees, but any kind of fee decrease means that the monthly fees would need to be adjusted to compensate for
this. So when we provide reduced setup fees, we always need to charge higher monthly rates.All these are tactical decisions that
make our business procedures fast, uncomplicated and ultimately efficient. We don’t need to spend time negotiating with clients or
persuasive clients of the special offers. Customers do not have to wonder if an offer is great enough since every offer is the
very best we could create.ConclusionThe information on this page gives you an insight in to our cost structure and explains how we
can offer such a fantastic price-performance ratio.Customers have to decide whether our concept matches their requirements. We are
conscious that we can’t fulfill 100 percent of customer orders and, to be honest, we don’t even try. We attempt to cover around
95% of their requirements and do this as faithfully and efficiently as you can. If you are unsure, simply test our services. We’ve
got monthly notice periods, meaning that in the event that you are dissatisfied, it is simple to change at any time.