How to select your web hosting?

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Once again today, I come back to the option of web hosting. Yes, because today, whether you’re blogging, if you are a small company or a larger business, you have to get a site.
Really, a good website that can generate leads (see sales if you are an e-merchant), is the key to the company of a entrepreneur.
Now who states web site, says web hosting so that you could manage it. But which server to contact?
Today we will see the definition of a host, what sorts of email hosting exist, how to pick your server and we’ll take the concrete example of a French host.

The web host has servers that allow Internet users to access the websites they sponsor for their clients.
These servers can be compared to big computers permanently linked with a very higher speed connection where software is already installed.
Operation of this host
video source: “connected cookie”

As explained in the following video from which this image is accepted, we can compare the server to a restaurant server who takes an order, fetch it in the kitchen and brings it to the client.
When a visitor clicks on a link, it questions their internet browser which, in turn, searches for the requested website’s host.
Hence the significance:
The place of the host’s servers,
Procuring the information included in the servers,
That the evolution of applications technologies and download bandwidths
And finally an efficient technical service.

What are the kinds of web hosting?

cheap email hosting

There are many web hosting options which you should know when choosing your host to ensure this hosting is adapted to your requirements.
Shared hosting
As its name implies, it’s shared among all clients who will subscribe to it. The space (the memory) as well as the resources (the chip ) that are offered that there are shared between all the Internet sites that are subscribed to it and also can slow down their speed or decrease the capacity of every one.
If you’re new to your website or have a small business, or only a blog, best email hosting for small business uk will suffice. It’s obviously the most affordable, there are even free ones…
VPS web hosting: Virtual Private Server
It is a better shared hosting because we provide you a storage space of your own. So once you own it, nobody encroaches on your space, you realize your limits….
This hosting is much more extensive and the resources to which you are subscribed are dedicated to you.

Dedicated hosting

This time, you have a server only for you, you manage your distance as you would like and no one arrives to a flower beds. These hosts have huge data centers that let them present dedicated spaces to many clients.
For a while now, the best of some of these dedicated servers would be to maintain a cloud, therefore without any limit of space devoted to each customer. Of course the rates are higher depending on their choice…
3 / The best way to choose your hosting company?
Basic hosting providers
When you have identified the type of cheap email hosting you need, you’ll have to pick your host so that it is reliable and has the tools you anticipate from its own servers.
There are a multitude of hosting providers on the web and you should know that all of them basically have the same things in their offer, so these are not the points that will be decisive in choosing:
Free SSL Certificates

Anti-DDoS Protection

SSD technologies for databases and files
Daily backup of files and databases

The particulars that make the difference in a web hosting offer

That said, there are on the flip side some very important points to think about – which not all need in all – to Make Certain to make the Ideal choice:
The resources which will be allocated to you: the most important being RAM and execution time.
The scalability of this hosting offered because the methods are constantly evolving and you need to be certain that your host stinks in this point.
The efficiency of customer service which must be simple to get 7 days a week and above all reliable to provide you with information. For this, see the client testimonials published on Google, Facebook….
Eventually, take a fantastic look at the forums, social networks and comments on the host to learn whether he’s regular breakdowns, the most bothersome and penalizing thing there is!
4 / The French example of a shared web host: O2Switch

I will give you the example of O2switch first of all because the organization is French but also atypical in this competitive space of shared hosting. Let’s see why.
A single internet hosting offer at 5 $ / month
It’s a exceptional supply: No need to pick between cost, memory, power, number of sites…. At this price you’ll have in addition to your boundless hosting, a domain name and excellent performance that can suit everyone. You can learn more by reading all the advantages highlighted on this site.
A private lodging space with committed tools
Hosting is shared with resources reserved for you. It’s thus a system closer to VPS or perhaps dedicated hosting.
The advantage of a 100% French web host

This French firm located in the center of France, in Clermont Ferrand, has installed every one its servers in France. The individual infrastructures have advanced technology and are managed by technicians on site.

Praised by a large number of favorable opinions from users on social networks and the web, the teams serving clients through Chat are fast and efficient.
Data security is greatest
The servers are managed by the French firm itself, and so the data is stored and protected in France which is important especially with the recent arrival of the General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR).