Web Hosting Strategy for Managing Multiple Websites

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If you’re making a comfortable living from the Internet and the Web or have a plan to attain that goal, it’s very likely that you’re running more than ten websites. You want to your sites to be up and running 365 days, 7 days a week and 24 hours every day. Managing multiple sites is a daunting task if running one website is a hobby.
Proposed Hosting Strategy for Managing Multiple Websites
The hosting plan we suggest is to host your multiple significant sites with 3-4 different hosting companies, and start a reseller account with another cheap email hosting company for 1) new and small sites, 2) net development and 3) backup. Hosting with a lot of hosting companies will significantly increase the time and the problem of managing websites, and having one hosting company is not a smart alternative .

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Justification of the Hosting Strategy
Cost – Price of the Internet hosting is not an issue for conducting one website if it costs $5 or $25 a month. The distinction is just a couple of hundred dollars or less a year. It’s always nice and smart to get the absolute most from every single dollar in doing business. At leasta couple hundred dollars difference wouldn’t create or break a business. If you run 10 or even 50 websites, the cost of Web hosting will define the success or failure of your online experience. To reduce the hosting cost, the choice is to use a reseller hosting account to host as many new or small sites as you need for about $15 a month. You host one or 2 major sites with one hosting company. best email hosting for small business uk account costs under $10 per month, and dedicated server will cost $50 or more a month.
Uptime – In case your bread-and-butter manufacturer website is down for a few hours, you’ll lose tens of thousands of dollars and more. Even though most hosting companies guarantee 99.9% uptime, it’s not common to find a website down for a couple hours. A site might be down for a half day or even more if a hosting company is doing a major update. The hosting company can perform the upgrade in a weekend or a major holiday, but that’s when many family-oriented and travel websites generate their earnings. If you could afford the loss of revenues, many sites owners can not bear the emotional loss and pressure. Hosting your websites with some hosting companies will reduce the risk of downtime.
Application Development – For easy web application, webmasters may do development on precisely the exact same production hosting website. If your ecommerce software are complicated, doing development on the manufacturing site may bring down the live site particularly if you’re in the process of changing configuration files or set up customized programs. The option is setup a site on your own reseller account for development and testing, and transfer the software to manufacturing account on another server after the conclusion.
Backup – If you’re not pleased with a hosting firm, a hosting firm is out of business, or the servers will be down for a day or two, you may easily temporarily or permanently switch from one email hosting company to other since you are familiar with the site managing tools already. If you’ve got a backup or secondary copy running on another host, all you need for the switch is the transfer of the domain, which will require no longer than a minute.
Shop Before You Buy Compare the cost, hosting features, monitoring records of hosting companies before making your dedication. Fantastic luck with your online experiences.
Bruce Zhang has over a decade of experience in web development, database design and managing servers.