rang rasiya

Perhaps, the name may seem quite different (and it is), but we came to tell you more about the trend that has won the hearts of fashionistas on social networks in recent months – and ours too!

From the English translation of ” cottage “, which means “hut” and ” core “, the term has brought to the fore the romanticization of the countryside and bucolic mariab style to the city or anywhere.

In fashion , floral prints, with retro modeling and pastel colors, gain all their space.

The aesthetic is very light, with soft colors and fabrics that are ideal for contact with nature and animals. Just by talking you can feel the tranquility in the air, right?

With combinations of dresses , s maid s and blouses and a footprint vintage and bucolic, such as who is in a location surrounded by nature, the trend suggests the mood perfect to set you free, light and loose. Even in the mind, see?


The ideal is to opt for light fabrics, but with a unique charm like ruffles or prints

in addition to the selection of mild colors that can reflect this feeling of calm wherever you are.

With a touch of simplicity, the romantic style is present in soft colors and in the choice of delicate fabrics, such as floral prints and neutral tones, including an atmosphere of nostalgia, you know?

For this, on the Repassa website you can mine timeless

unique pieces that match the trend and at affordable prices.

The cottagecore style blends a lot with the khaadi online climate of your day, with the environment and animals, in addition to escaping that more frantic urban rhythm. The prints like vichy , for example, help bring that mood .

The peaceful and positive mental climate also helps you to favor the environment. A little plant is also always welcome around you, so you can find more and more of the country connection, even when you are indoors.