High collar learn how to wear

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For those who live in colder places it is practically mandatory, as it protects the neck from the cold, but for those who live in warmer places or that at least a good part of the year is hot certainly left the collar a little aside, however she is again a fashion trend and even appeared in several fashion Week fashion shows .The high collar gives a certain charm to the production, leaving it more stylish and is perfect for the colder seasons, since here in Brazil most of the year is hot in most of the country.

1. How to Wear Turtlenecks?

The turtleneck is very eclectic and does not have much use restriction, you can use it in casual looks and even more classic looks, it adapts to all types of occasions, which will set the tone is the piece chosen by you, since there are basic blouses with high collar to sophisticated dresses and shirts, in more luxurious fabrics like lace, for example.

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2. High collar with skirt

Be it a blouse model with or without khaadi sale sleeves, or even the warmest look great with skirts, and you can vary a lot, the models with slit skirts are one of the favorite combinations of fashionistas, but it is not a rule, you can combine with skirt flared , pleated, skirt-line with front buttons (super trend!), long skirt , straight skirt and even pencil skirt , the latter two models are perfect for work looks!

3. High Collar With Dress

It may seem a little weird at first, but wearing a dress with a blouse is a trend and besides being super stylish it still gives you more diverse looks and you can better enjoy the piece.

It may be a good option to wear that low-cut dress you never wear.

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You can combine dresses with a turtleneck in two different shapes:

Wear the turtleneck blouse underneath the dress, in this case the blouse cannot be thick, it must be lighter to stay cool.
Wear the turtleneck top over the dress, here it can already be a thicker and even looser model.

Even if you have a desire to introduce slip dress (dress that imitates a sweater) in your closet, you can use it in any of the ways we taught above, so you don’t run the risk of revealing the body too much!

And there is also the option of using a dress that already has a high collar, and then you can use only the dress or combine it with jackets, vests, blazers. A good look tip is the turtleneck dress + bomber jacket !

4. High Collar With Pants

For Evangelicals who wear pants, it is also a good option, and you can compose different looks for all occasions of your day to day, from casual jeans to more casual looks, or even combine with tailoring pants for work looks !