The hottest color: red prints to warm up the look

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Color of love, passion, vibrant and primary …

Do you know what color we are talking about? Of course it’s red! In fashion, all these meanings are also present and elevate the status of looks. Today the red print steals the show, and we guarantee that it arrives to leave the look on fire.

We heard that blue is the hottest color, but here we want to prove that red is the majesty of hot looks . In addition to them, we want to add a good dose of red to your day, be it in decoration, art and even music.

Meaning of the color red

Red is one of the colors that is really part of us, our blood does not let it lie. But in addition to that, the warm tone represents more than love, it is associated with energy, motivating forces and is emotionally intense.

According to scholars, the color red is also linked to competition and can help to win a race, for example. Here, in our fashion marathon, the red prints take the lead. They show that they have a guaranteed presence when it comes to getting ahead, with their striking liveliness that steals the show.

Red print with light background
Red print
Photos: Reproduction and Maria Filó
The light background makes the red prints even more evident, that we cannot deny. As we always say here, balance is essential, so if you want to make  khaadi sale everything clear, but without leaving the red aside, this is a great choice.

A good printed dress does not go unnoticed only by its print.

When it comes to cleavage, he also calls for responsibility. Leaving the shoulders free gives a refresh at the top of the look and adds an extra sensuality.

Combining the colors of the pattern with those of the accessories is a trick that does not fail. If red dominates the entire pattern, add earrings, bracelets and other items that make all the difference. The background tone of the print also deserves to enter the dance and can be chosen for shoes and / or handbag.Not only the red, but also the orange are experts in giving that injection of cheer in the visual. But even though these analog colors are warm and vibrant, we guarantee that the combination has everything not to be over .khaadi

Composing a production that mixes the shades and prints is one of the ways to remove the look from the obvious. Always remembering that you can start this mix and match in a more discreet way, mixing plain clothes with more neutral colors and a printed piece.

But if your mood calls for a color power look , don’t miss the opportunity to explore the possibilities. Animal print with smaller prints can dominate the look and be an frock design option without much bureaucracy when creating the look.

A tip is also to play with the prints and the mixture of red and orange in the accessories.

The color can come out of the clothes and dominate all the accessories. Feel free to bring other tones to this game and form a powerful triad . Shades of green and purple are great options for leaving the color on top.

Print with red background

Prints reinvent themselves and show that each season they can be the darlings of their looks. A print with a red background puts the look on another level and makes the colorful palette even more evident.

The khaadi is a pattern there timeless and does not lose his honor post. That’s because it shows that it can go far beyond the Minnie Mouse look. A printed piece can move well among other prints, in addition to being present at various times.

In work looks , betting on a red blouse with polka dots is the perfect choice to accompany a neutral colored bottom, for example. To take the office look out of the obvious, try playing with the shapes. The puffed blouses may add the necessary volume to the top of the eye and can be combined with a set pants.

If the mood is more casual chic , don’t be afraid to be happy. Use a printed production, colorful and full of fashion information. designer dresses pakistani goes with everything and you can use the various versions of the print in the same look. Small balls in the blouse, a skirt with bigger balls … It’s worth mixing, playing with proportions and putting creativity into play.

Red clothes with designer dresses pakistani

Red print
Investing in clothes with more delicate fabrics does not always mean having a more discreet look. In the case of a tulle with a red print, the lightness takes on a new breath and receives the status of colorful piece of the time.

Tulle originated in France and was previously used only in details such as ruffles and skirts. Later, he went beyond the details and arrived at ballet clothes. Today, in the dance of the look of the day, clothes with tulle bring an air of modern romance.

When it comes to using a red print with the fabric, a trick is to play with different textures. Tulle with jeans or tulle with knitting, for example, becomes a great visual resource for countering weights. Thus, you create a rich visual effect, without effort.

Versatility is also a signature of tulle, so take the delicate piece for workdays, but don’t leave the more relaxed looks out. A tulle blouse with denim shorts or tailoring are easy going combinations that score 10 in the basic material with bossa.

Red doses

Red really is everywhere. In looks, they are highlighted in plain and printed pieces. But color excuses and shows that from cinema to decoration, through music and art, enhancing is with itself.

The Polish film Rouge flirts with drama and romance. It tells the story of the friendship between a young model and her neighbor. You can also play, increase the volume and enjoy the delicious song by Vanessa da Mata. She talks about red kisses, sweet eyes and brings passion to the foreground.

Speaking of art, artist Yayoi Kusama presents her works that play with fantasy shapes filled with balls. Red is one of the colors that are part of the Japanese works and installations.

If you want to add more life to your living room, the red sofa can be the furniture that will update the palette of your environment. He will draw attention to itself and bring an air more caliente to a place in the house you deserve warmth.

It flushed and we can’t deny it. Therefore, it is time to bring color prints to your day, better understand the meaning of it and explore all its possibilities. Create combinations that make you feel unique and seductive. Remember what color can represent? Make the most of it!