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learn how to use long skirt and cropped

The cropped and long skirt set is one of the biggest trends of recent years. Depending on the model of the pieces chosen, you can use this look for both informal and formal events.

Because of the longer length of the skirt, it contrasts very well with the shorter blouse, which makes the look quite harmonic. Have questions about how to use this combination? Check out some tips!

When to wear the cropped set and long skirt?

The cropped and long skirt set is ideal for any woman who wants to feel beautiful and modern. You can use this look to go to parties, shopping trips or even work .

Everything will depend on the choice of clothes. The most elongated croppeds, that is, those that only leave a belly line exposed, are the best for formal environments. In turn, the models that are more open or with a neckline combine more with relaxed situations.

How to choose the skirt?

Because it is a piece that shows the belly, the ideal is that you wear a high-waisted skirt. This means that the navel must be covered.khaadi sale

If you want to give the impression that you are taller, the tip is to bet on a monochromatic look. For example: if the cropped is in cream, the skirt will also have to be this shade.

The model can be determined by your own style. If the idea is a more khaadi summer sale  romantic look, you can choose a pleated or round skirt. But, if the intention is to compose a classic look, it is worth investing in traditional pieces, in basic colors, such as black, gray and pastels.

Which shoe to wear?

One of the advantages of the cropped set and long skirt is that it combines with several shoes, which makes it easier to choose. For those who want to stretch the silhouette, high heels are a great option.

You can wear thin, thick, open or closed heels. This last one is the best option for the most sophisticated events. However, if the situation is more informal, nishat linen  you can wear sneakers, flat sandals and even sneakers.

The important thing is to feel comfortable and beautiful with the chosen look!

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