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For many years, choosing the looks to work with on a daily basis was limited to skirts and pants from straight cut tailors. You may have wondered at some point, why dressing up well for work every day seems such a complicated task? Sometimes opening the wardrobe and seeing that nothing seems to match is frustrating.

Thinking about it, I separated professional tips and several inspirations for you to plan the ideal work look and without complications. These are guidelines to make your life easier, because I know that with globalization and female empowerment, women have an increasingly strained and more demanding routine, mariab especially in the corporate environment.mariab

Where to buy accessories for work looks

In this post you will find all kinds of clothes to work, whether in a formal or informal environment, in summer or winter and break, you learn to combine your work looks with the right accessories in the most practical way possible.

Choose the ideal shoe for the job

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Looks to work: know how to dress well every day 02Examples of looks for formal and informal work
We know that, most of the time, work clothes make all the difference to your personal image, especially in the professional environment. It is your image that will convey the message you want, your position before your career in the workplace.

Whether in the office, in the office, on the bench at the front desk or work without dresscode (a dress code) … The image always values the professional . In addition to being essential to leave our self-esteem up there, giving us security to face professional challenges.

For you who, even with no time available, put rang rasiya together good looks for work, I will leave practical and simple tips with key pieces of work that are indispensable in your wardrobe and that will make it time to pick up your clothes and leave the house, simpler. Check out!

1 – Blouses to work: the classic and indispensable models

The overlay of the blazer
Within the models of blouses to work, the blazer (or the suit) will always leave the look elegant and formal so it has always been the essential piece for the work looks. After all, it goes well with any combination, from skirts and social dresses to jeans to create a more stripped look.

Try to have different colors, especially neutral colors. To give a more elegant look, it is important to choose models with fine fabrics and a good cut and trim, in this type of pieces the drape of the fabric is essential to leave a more sophisticated look.

And for a super formal look, you can close with a golden key by choosing tailoring pants of the same color.

Looks to work: learn how to dress well in a sophisticated and professional way 03
The social shirt that everyone has to have
The dress shirt is a wildcard when it comes to the work environment. This model is classic when it comes to looks for formal work. Nowadays you can even bet on other colors, following the same pattern.

It guarantees a more serious look and in many positions it is a must.

On colder days, you can put a dress shirt underneath a woolen knit blouse and it is super elegant and leaving the sleeve and collar to show a special touch.

The dress shirt, even basic, is an indispensable piece in the wardrobe, as it is versatile and goes well with everything. Among the 7 common models of blouses for work that you must have , the dress shirt is undoubtedly the most important. Wearing open with a tank top or fun t-shirt underneath, it also matches the informal corporate environment.

Looks to work: learn how to dress well in a sophisticated and professional way
Try the combination of blazer + dress shirt + accessories!

Looks to work: learn how to dress well in a sophisticated and professional way
2 – Some models of work pants are essential
Tailoring pants
When choosing trouser models to work with , remember this tip: just like the blazer and the suit, tailored pants are classic pieces for more formal looks at work .

This model of pants for formal work, does not need to be smooth, straight and dull, you can bet on a different cut with a waistband or buttons on the side, or on a flare model that is successful. The black and gray colors gain in practicality to put together work looks, because they allow more possibilities of combinations with other colored pieces in the look or you can give a touch of modernity and use this type of pants in other colors, such as nude or pearl .

Tailoring pants are perfect with a pumps + mix of bracelets + white shirt!

Looks to work: learn how to dress well in a sophisticated and professional way
Comfortable flare pants
Even though your work is super formal, the work environment often allows for more casual and less serious clothing. The flare pants are a great ally for the days when you want to change a little and get out of the same “social clothes”.

Among the various models of work pants , the flare pants is a beautiful, classic and sophisticated model that values ​​any type of silhouette . In addition to also giving a touch of modernity that we always want.

For the days when you want a less formal look, bet on the combination flare pants + dress shirt + max necklace!

Looks to work: learn how to dress well in a sophisticated and professional way
3 – How about betting on dresses to work and get out of the routine a little?
Dresses cannot be left out of a corporate wardrobe. These models are great allies when it comes to practicality and style . As it is a unique piece, it is a quick option, which does not require much to be combined with other pieces. And the best: the dresses will always leave the feminine and delicate message of the woman, that charm that only a dress has, you know?

Combine with good accessories, a comfortable shoe and you’re ready for another day of work!

After all, it is a fundamental piece for the hottest days because it allows the look to be more comfortable in relation to the temperature.

Dresses for work are beautiful and super feminine, bet on this model! The most suitable dress models for formal work are tailoring, in the most social style.

CAUTION: Be aware of the issue of size, transparency, cleavage. When it comes to work, the dresses should be in formal models, with sleeves and closed.

I have separated some inspirations from models that are perfect for the job:

Looks to work: learn how to dress well in a sophisticated and professional wayModels of work dresses
1 – Looks to work with more relaxed and modern blouses
If your work is more informal and you don’t necessarily need to always wear the combination shirt + blazer, you can bet on several models, such as loose tops, shirts with light fabric, t-shirts with fun prints, etc …

When the atmosphere is more informal, you can dare a little more in the combinations. Women ‘s accessories are great allies when it comes to putting together a different and stylish look.

Looks to work: learn how to dress well in a sophisticated and professional wayExamples of relaxed work looks
2 – Pants for work: everyday jeans!
Jeans will always be the most versatile parts of the wardrobe. This is because it guarantees the comfort and practicality that every woman needs. There are several models of jeans and you can choose according to your taste. But always remembering that at work, torn models with too low a waist are not recommended.

Looks to work: learn how to dress well in a sophisticated and professional way

3 – Casual dresses for work
Dresses to work in an environment that does not require a dresscode , it does not have to be serious and social. Choose the models with very light fabrics, looser, with plain colors, geometric and floral prints … Anyway, there is a multitude of models for you to be inspired and the best: put it, it’s ready!

The dress is so practical when it comes to putting together the looks that it has already become the darling of many women. I have separated some great models for less formal work:

Looks to work: learn how to dress well in a sophisticated and professional way
And since we are talking about looks for work and practicality, I separated some inspirations for you from looks for work in summer and winter. Look:

It seems to be more difficult to choose work looks in the summer, because when it is very hot, nobody likes to have too many overlays, several pieces in the look, nothing that is too much… So, here the golden tip is: less is more .

Here you can check 8 key pieces for summer work looks , but a tip is: try to use pieces with lighter and softer fabrics, such as cotton and linen. Another alternative is to invest in light colors and looser modeling on the body, creating great options for warmer days.

Looks to work: learn how to dress well in a sophisticated and professional wayInspirations of looks to work in the summer. Bet on the lightweight look!
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And if in the heat less is more, in the cold you can abuse the overlaps and the third piece! Looks to work in winter do not require much, just the third piece, which is essential to transform any look and make it more stylish.

Abuse the most worked and structured suits, scarf, trench coat and overcoats. Large bags and gloves are perfect to complete the looks.

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Looks to work: learn how to dress well in a sophisticated and professional way
Want an example of a ready to work practical and powerful look?
Looks to work: learn how to dress well in a sophisticated and professional wayTry the Flare Pants + Shirt combination and change only the overlays and accessories.


• Accessories for work
When it comes to looks for work, personal image and style, you can’t forget women’s accessories. Always invest in accessories!

No matter if your look is basic, classic or modern, accessories are essential at any time and always guarantee style and sophistication in the look. They give that extra touch to the look and make all the difference, you know?

Looks accessories for workKitbox Club accessories are perfect for Work Looks
But remember to invest in quality parts , as the worn accessories give the impression of poor care and sloppiness. In more formal works, the ideal is that you bet on more classic and delicate accessories, being able to assemble compositions and mix to give a more modern look without losing sophistication and maintaining a balanced look.

In more informal jobs, you can use and abuse the bigger and more striking accessories, use this type of accessories to bring the focal point of the look to the region where it is, for example, a maxicolar will value to draw attention more to the cervix region.

Discover the Kitbox semi-jewelry club and get access to the perfect accessories to compose your work looks every day. Click the banner and find out more:

Where to buy accessories for work looks
• Work bag
The bags for the job are essential, right? Since we carry everything we need during the day: wallet, cell phone, makeup to touch up etc.

Can you imagine going to work without a scholarship?

It seems unlikely, so invest in handbag models in neutral colors, which match any look you put together. More structured formats and materials give a more sophisticated look, being the best bag models for the job.

In this environment, avoid the cloth models or those that have many prints and textures, as they give a more casual air, which in the work environment can pass the impression of neglect. I separated the most used models to work: