What we have for February


February is the second month of the year and one of the busiest.

The reason is simple: carnival. Leaving the singing revelry a little, we made a selection with great options for you to enjoy your days in a more tranquil, inspiring mood , but with the mood up there, with music on the road.
Mother mia, Rosalía! The Catalan singer is currently one of the most heard in the world. His songs are beyond lively. What is not lacking in Rosalía’s work is energy, both in sound and in her music videos. Their songs form the perfect match for dancing, with hints of pop, electronic music and flamenco rhythm. Finally, prepare a drink of mango with lemon and press play on “Malamente” and “Pienso en tu mirá” !sapphire online

To watchCultural tips

For those who like series with a verve real life, our statement is perfect. Modern Love is a series produced by Amazon that debuted in 2019 and already has two seasons. It is inspired by the column and podcast of the same name from ‘The New York Times’.

The plot shows stories of possible loves, those more distant from fairy tales and closer to everyday life. In addition, the cast of the production features big names like Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey and Dev Patel. Certainly worth watching!

To read
Cultural tips

The book O Filho de Mil Homens, by sapphire online, is our reading tip for the second month of the year. He tells the story of Chrysostom, a man who reaches 40, has no children and begins to realize how much it affects his emotional side. From unexpected encounters, people add to your life, each with its own peculiarities, and thus, strong and true bonds are born. Love is portrayed in its purest and simplest form. So, read and be enchanted with this work that is pure poetry.

To know
Cultural tips

Embarking in the mood of our winter collection , how about walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela? The route consists of routes to the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela, located in the Galicia region. The place is known for housing the remains of the Apostle São Tiago. The path has about 800km, that is, it is long.

In addition to being challenging, it is loaded with emotion and moments of knowledge. The landscape of the route has woods, large forts and lots of green. See the testimony of those who have already ventured and describe the experience as unique and transforming.

Our winter is full of prints to star in the looks of next season. The print of the time is Floral Vigo, inspired by the coastal city of the same name that are part of the route to Santiago. To illustrate this path, the print mixes not only the flowers along the way, but also the contours of the sea.
The dress is the most beloved piece of the female closet and one of the most versatile. No matter what time, time or mood, it never goes unnoticed. For this reason, our favorite for the month of February is the Floral Dress Vigo. It combines the vividness of colors and flowers with the movement of a more nishat fabric. Combine with a comfy sandal, heels or sneakers and feel beautiful and comfortable in your measure.