Think about your internal thermometer :

you should always keep a high temperature close to your body . This requires quality materials . They are all the more important in winter: cotton, wool, cashmere, merino, linen (and yes!), Thermal materials. This is the opportunity to check the small quality label carefully before purchasing the part you want.

An example: the Uniqlo brand offers you its ‘heattech ‘ range for optimal insulation in cold weather. For having tested it, I can confirm that this range is reliable, practical and comfortable. Several models and cuts are available: tops, t-shirts with short, 3/4 or long sleeves. Feel free to try several to find the piece that rang rasiya suits you best in terms of comfort and style.

how to dress when it’s cold

10 pieces to stay warm during the winter
You now know the 3 fundamental rules for dressing well when it’s cold. Now let’s review the 10 essentials to have in your wardrobe for this winter season. I also offer below 4 turnkey looks based on these 10 pieces.

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The coat
The coat is your essential piece of winter. You might as well invest in a quality model that you will wear for several seasons rather than wearing a poor quality coat that you will have to change every year. And with which you will be cold. It will benefit your style budget. As the coat is a piece that can be worn every day and it is the 3rd layer of the puzzle, it is important to take the time to choose its cut, its color and its khaadi online  material because it defines your personal style. Ok, but what exactly is a coat worthy of the name ? It should be made from one or more of these materials: mostly wool, mohair, alpaca, leather, suede ; in the minority of polyester, polyamide and acrylic.

For example, I never take off my camel suede coat with shearling lining . Now it defines me and I put it on with pleasure almost every morning. I knew it would be one of my essentials as soon as I saw it. The time to check its quality label and it was adopted. I remember not having hesitated for a second because he had caught my eye. This is the kind of piece you need to find for your winter coat.

how to dress when it’s cold

The thermal t-shirt or camisole

As mentioned above, your first layer is essential in winter. Whether it’s a light camisole or a more enveloping t-shirt, it hugs the upper part of your body and keeps you warm . It goes without saying that it is a strategic piece in terms of comfort. The aesthetics mariab do not matter, but I advise you to find a model that you still find pretty. You will wear it all the more easily and with pleasure. Invest in a thermal material model.

how to dress when it’s cold

The knitted sweater or cardigan

This piece represents the second layer of your outfit. You also wear it everyday in winter. Whether you opt for the sweater or the cardigan or both, do not skimp on the quality once again to protect yourself from the cold (wool, mohair, merino, cashmere, velvet, cotton, viscose mostly). Choose this piece in a basic or halftone nishat linen online pattern and color at first. Then you can venture into stronger colors. I suggest you read the article on ‘how to wear colors well in style’ to know everything about the types of colors and the combinations that are sure to be successful.

I no longer present the jeans to you. If you missed the article on ‘how to wear jeans well for your body type’ , take the trouble to find out. It will allow you to never go wrong in your jeans purchases again and to always invest in the right pieces according to your figure . Save time and money. A sustainable and solid approach.

This piece also plays a fundamental role in your winter style. You spend a lot of time in jeans, whether it’s the weekend casually or the week in a rang rasiya lawn more dressy and chic way. So take the trouble to choose it well, wear it well and above all to opt for quality : mostly cotton and a little elastane for comfort . If you are cold anyway, do not hesitate to wear thermal tights or leggings underneath, you will be relieved.
Tailored pants

Tailored pants are also a good option for their elegant and timeless side.

As with jeans, you can add an underlay to it in case of extreme cold. It goes very well with high-rise low boots + big socks or fancy tights .

If the pants are plain , you can afford printed tights or knee-highs (lace, satin, gold, etc.). If your pants are printed on the other hand (checkered, houndstooth, etc.), then prefer a sock, knee-high or plain tights. This will balance your leg so you don’t overdo it.

A-line skirt
The A-line skirt is also a winter staple, at least if you wear it in the right material. Choose velvet, suede or a blend of wool + viscose . With thick tights, a pretty mesh, high boots or low boots, it will make a stylish and feminine outfit. Based on the blanket rule, wear it over your knees rather than mid-thigh to ensure that your skin is covered a bit more. It will always be that taken against the cold!

how to dress when it’s cold

The sweater dress or skirt
The sweater in skirt or dress version is a real favorite ! Comfortable, warm and feminine at the same time , it should also join the list of your winter basics. Do not immediately think that it is not suitable for you if you have wide hips, saddlebags, belly or plump buttocks. Again, it’s about choosing the right model and the right size; as well as pair it with the right accessories . Let me explain: the sweater dress should rang rasiya not be worn too tight. Better to wear it a little loose (in other words a little too wide) and come to give it a stylish and structured look thanks to a wide belt. So you fluidize what needs to be without looking like a sack of potatoes.

how to dress when it’s cold
A pair of tights
Thick tights will save your life in winter. It allows you to continue wearing dresses and skirts without fear of the cold. You can opt for thick tights in their usual material (from simple polyamide to a blend of lycra, microfiber and silk in its more luxurious version). The tights guarantee you a supply of heat, a highlighting of your legs that it curves nicely, undeniable comfort and good blood circulation .

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Wear it in a beautiful opaque black, a beautiful burgundy, or an anthracite gray . It is in these three colors that you can associate it most easily with your clothes.

how to dress when it’s cold

A hat
And yes, you certainly know that in winter it is important to cover the extremities of your body to stay warm . The hat is therefore essential to protect your head. It will give you a stylish, elegant and original look . I suggest you read the sobia nazir article on ‘how to wear accessories in style’ for inspiration. I hardly ever go out without my 100% wool camel hat. He truly became a loyal friend who defines my personal style. You should find yours a real treat.

how to dress when it’s cold

A big scarf
Unsurprisingly, the scarf remains a winter essential. I advise you to opt for a cozy and enveloping model . Do not choose it too thin and do not hesitate to wrap it around your neck to protect yourself from the cold and the wind. Plain in a basic color, with checks, prince of gall, mottled, leopard ,… You have the choice to let your desires run free. Even if I advise you to keep in mind that you will associate it more easily in a nishatlinen basic shade. You don’t have to match it with your gloves and hat. But you can do it if you like. Free rein to your creativity!

Your shoes will also be your allies during this period : prefer lined boots , ankle boots / low boots and thigh high boots . To know everything about the 5 pairs of shoes to wear in winter, I suggest reading the dedicated article.

You will find inspiring ideas and all the models to choose from to stop having cold feet in winter.

How to dress well when it’s cold: 4 ready-to-wear looks

Now that you are familiar with the winter basics, here are 4 ready-to-wear looks that you can easily piece together with your personal wardrobe . These are looks that are both simple and elegant for everyday use. You will thus avoid headaches in front of your wardrobe and the waste of time , while taking care of your style.

Do not hesitate to decorate these outfits with your accessories . They will also define the unique touch of your personal style . I am thinking of a nice hat or a nice scarf for example. If you are lacking inspiration, I suggest reading the article on ‘how to wear accessories in style’ .

Remember the 4th layer rule if necessary (tights under jeans or pants; flannel shirt or big cardigan in addition to the sweater).satrangi

how to dress when it’s cold
Raw jeans + thermal t-shirt or top + cashmere sweater + coat + low boots
This combination constitutes a simple, effective and elegant outfit . Opt for quality clothes, nice fits and basic or half-tone colors. You will have an elegant and sober look.

Here are some ideas for cuts and colors : raw or indigo slim jeans; a white long-sleeved thermal t-shirt; a camel, cream or gray cashmere satrangi sweater; a cream, camel, sheepskin, gray, burgundy or even pine green coat; camel, brown, burgundy, suede low boots.

how to dress when it’s cold
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