Because of this, the brand’s products are easy to sell.

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Consumers shortly identify with the youthful, modern and, at the same time, sophisticated type of this brand.

Guarantee your chance to open a business Were you aware that the fashion marketplace is among the very promising in the nation? According to Fiesp, until 2021 the segment will still grow 3.1 percent. How about being part of the expansion and achieving your success? Regarding profit, it’s possible to get up to 100% maturity together with the selling of parts. A top that costs R $80, as an instance, can be marketed for R $160, normally. That is, this can be a chance to open a company with guaranteed results! And of course that it is very straightforward to be a reseller of Moda Colmeia – even if you don’t have room in your home for stock or prefer an internet business. An option is to work on demand, offering components to clients and sending them when they’re available. Opportunity to open a company Contact rang rasiya right now to discover how easy it is to be a reseller of the brand.khaadi online

You’ll be surprised at this chance to start a business!

Why is it worth a Colmeia reseller? It’s well worth noting that several collections are launched throughout the year. So, your client will always have something fresh that may interest her! Most Brazilians fantasy of becoming independent and having their own projects. But who ever thought about having a company in their home? In khaadi online, there’s this chance to start a company, without worrying about space and high costs. The first aspect to take into account in order to become a reseller of Moda Colmeia is the brand itself. In the marketplace for almost 30 decades, the company is a reference in clothes and company, both for retail and wholesale.


Find out more information and see how it’s worth it! All Colmeia pieces are developed with great care, to serve an increasingly demanding marketplace. In addition to being attractive, the clothes are quality and exclusive.