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More than choosing themes for collections, it is important to determine which stories they will tell through the previously defined concepts. To seek inspiration for a fashion collection , there are no rules – but a thorough search for ideas and trends can guarantee the success of production!

Therefore, the challenge of creating a need or desire in consumers can be overcome by defining a theme that is really interesting for the target audience.

In this post, we have gathered several tips on where to get sobia nazir  inspiration for your new fashion collection.

Brands and fashion shows
In addition to following the new productions of the competition, it is essential to observe the steps of successful brands. After all, everything that is presented on the catwalks of the shows can serve as a source of inspiration for fashion collections.

Wanda Maleronka, a professor at the fashion faculty at Anhembi-Morumbi, in an interview with SuperInteressante pointed out that “fashion shows are conductors of the imagination, creating links between dreams and reality”. Therefore, they point out trends and concepts that are later replicated by other brands.

Fashion show and models that serve as inspiration for the fashion collection.
Taking inspiration from fashion shows and creations by other designers is completely valid and brings worldwide trends to the collection.

Monitoring alternative and independent brands is also a great option to visualize how the concepts are being used, since they also have great strength to introduce new trends in consumption, as well as streetwear .

In fashion, it is common to look to the past for references.

For this reason, cinema and photography, which portray human representations and behaviors, are great sources of inspiration for fashion collections.

In addition to presenting different ways of dressing, these forms of communication can help to understand the macro trends, which permeate fashion, but also affect other nishatlinen sectors, such as the electronics and machinery industry.nishat

Catalogs and magazines
Fashion magazines, both physical and digital, continue to be a reference for those inserted in the universe of clothing. The articles and editorials present in these media inspire and bring trends that can be used in the elaboration of textile productions.

Overlapping Vogues Magazines: great choice to gather inspiration for the fashion collection.
Searching references in magazines, newspapers and other forms of content that talk about fashion helps when it comes to ideas for the collection.

Like magazines, catalogs also serve as a product showcase, showing the concepts used in the collection construction process – a practical and sure way to be inspired!

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Monitoring specialized websites and blogs that have good credibility is another alternative to find inspiration and themes for the fashion collection. They anticipate trends and present information quickly, and are always proposing reflections on the industry.

To stay informed and gain insights into clothing production, select trusted websites, portals and blogs to access periodically. A good option is to search for pages that send content via e-mail, through newsletters , facilitating the search for information and news.
Research is essential to obtain relevant information about the market and consumption trends. Whether quantitative or qualitative, it is possible to understand different types of consumers through them.

They can guide from the choice of concept to the selection of materials and production of the collections, or reveal new directions for companies and brands that are not yet well positioned in the market.

Conducting research in books, museums, music

exhibitions and other art forms is also essential. Thus, it is possible to foster the creative thinking necessary for the clothing professional, who must unite knowledge, culture and sensitivity.

To find inspiration for the fashion collection, therefore, gather the references collected on a moodboard , which will assist in defining the concept, pieces and color chart for the productions .

This panel of references can be used, for example, to disseminate concepts and products in interviews, as well as to create a good fashion press release .

Therefore, although there are several ways to search for ideas and directions, it is essential that the professional continues looking for ways to relate research and technical knowledge, which can guarantee the success of the collection.

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