What’s colocation?


Uk colocation is the positioning of the customer’s servers at a data center with guaranteed power supply and
optimal climatic conditions. The equipment is set in specifically closed closets, which are equipped with everything required to
guarantee uninterrupted functioning. Cheap Colocation Uk service is a sensible and rewarding solution for businesses that have their host
equipment.How Can I sponsor a server in DataPro?To host a server in the DataPro data center you need:Put an order from the site.
Register in your Account. In response to the correspondence about creating an order, send the Gear Acceptance and Transfer
Certificates completed in your part. Template for an authorized entity, template for an individual. Services are provided based on the Supply Deal.

uk colocation

If needed, we could sign a Statement of connecting the deal. Acceptance of equipment is carried out after the
conclusion of the Agreement, payment for services, and agreement on the terms, date, and time of delivery.To set the equipment on
you, you need to have a passport, signed Equipment Acceptance Acts (2 duplicates ), or a power of attorney to your right to sign
such records.The equipment must be passed over for setup from the information centre along with railings for mounting in a 19″
rack. If needed, you can purchase universal guides out of us. The price of 1 set is 1700 rubles. VAT INCLUDED.The way to get to
the data centre?To see the data center, you have to issue a pass. Because of this, a program is submitted to the technical support
service. The application is filed at least 24 hours before the visit, in emergency cases at least two hours with an indication of
the passport data of those persons visiting the information center (no greater than two people at the same time). The data center
is visited every day from 10:00 to 18:00.Having received confirmation of ordering a pass by the HOSTKEY technical support service,
you can go to the information center. Upon arrival in st. Aviamotornaya, 69 You want to go to the checkpoint and telephone +7 495
369 9796 (connect to specialized assistance – press”two”) – you will be fulfilled by a technical support officer and escorted to
the operator’s area.Accessibility is supplied only to the owners of the equipment found in the information center or their
authorized representatives.The trustee is:For legal entities (an agreement was concluded or an account was opened at the billing
system) – an individual who has supplied the original or a certified copy of the power of attorney indicating the actions which
are permitted to be done with the gear (delivery-acceptance, maintenance, including replacement of elements ). The power of
attorney must be issued to the company’s letterhead and accredited by the signature of its mind and the seal of the organization.
In case a copy of the power of attorney is supplied, it’s necessary to indicate” Copy is right “, and re-certification by seal and
signature. You must also have your original passport with you.For individuals (an arrangement has been concluded or an account has
been opened at the billing system) – you will find two choices for obtaining third parties to the gear:Execution of an additional
agreement to the Deal with an indication of the list of individuals for whom entry into the equipment is allowed and their
passport data.The original power of attorney, or a certified copy of this, will have to be handed over to the information center