For this review, we purchased the Premium hosting plan from The email shop and tested it extensively.

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All of their web hosting plans are equipped with everything necessary for an easy start, including optimized software and hardware, so we’ll focus on the differences only:

Singular                Premium             Business

Number of domains        one        ∞            ∞

Email accounts  one        ∞            ∞

Is free SSL included?       –              –              Yes

Refills    –              every week        everyday

Processing power            1x           2x           4x

Free domain name?        –              Yes         Yes

Single of the very few to have the features and computing power plan, only suffice for most small websites, Business (Business) plan, Premium although twice the price of the plan by Premium plan provides little additional advantage.

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In other words, the Premium plan is the most balanced in terms of features, most notably the cheapest plan to include a domain name included.

It’s also the cheapest plan to offer automatic backups – and you’ll realize how useful this feature is when something happens to your website for the first time 🙂

As a result, Premium Web Hosting plan is the best fit for most individuals and small to medium sized organizations . In the last part of our review , I will present a special promo code for an additional 15% discount on this plan, so keep an eye out!

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Our impressions of using The email shop

Now, we are sharing our experiences with the readers of this guide.

When you complete your order, you can access the hosting manager panel. This is where you will manage your hosting account:

The email shop offers a dedicated admin panel created by the company’s internal developers. We found it quite user-friendly and easy to understand when compared to common alternatives like cPanel or Plesk .

Everything you need is represented by pictures and neatly grouped to help you find services faster. You can also use the search bar at the top for easier access to the items you want.

If you buy a domain name with hosting ( I’ll show you how to get it for free below ), it will be automatically activated after a short time and you will be able to start building your website.

For this, you can use Auto Installer to set up a content management system like WordPress or you can use The email shop’s drag and drop website builder. Both options can be accessed from the Website section of the hosting admin panel.

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After trying the drag-and-drop builder (which is called Zyro), we can conclude that it is not worth your effort : the templates look outdated and sometimes there is some confusion when using them, for example, the result I got immediately after activation was:

Instead, we recommend installing WordPress (also called WP) using the Auto Installer feature mentioned above . Here are some reasons why we recommend choosing WP for your first website:

WordPress is the most popular website engine in the world, so there are free tutorials, guides and tips all over the internet to use!

You can get thousands of templates for free from their official catalog ( try Bento for example , it’s multifunctional and easy to customize).

There are also thousands of free WordPress extensions that allow you to add almost any functionality you can think of to your website, from social sharing buttons and contact forms to drag and drop layout builders.

Apart from the product, a very important part of any offer is the customer support you get.