Colocation at Server Colocation 2.0

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Server Colocation Uk provides colocation support – bodily Positioning of a server at a center for storing and processing data of the
highest class of reliability (colocation).

Specialized websites for your server in St. Petersburg to the top conditions in Russia! This has been proven by the choice that
the owners of several popular web projects and applications have already made. The colocation service from Server Colocation has
become so successful that in St. Petersburg in a few months the first technical site was completely filled with customers’
servers, along with a new Server Colocation data centre was recently opened.

Cheap Colocation Uk – your own server”in the very Heart” of the global Internet, directly on the main communication channels of
major telecom operators. As a result of this, a top service accessibility ratio and higher rate of the network connection channels
are attained.

The servers are connected with a direct communication channel To the back of the Internet with an entry rate of at least 10 Gbps.
At the technical website, the host is connected directly to the back switch interface.

Technical centers round the clock, as well as track the uninterrupted operation of the electricity supply system and communication

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The high speed of connection of Server Colocation technical Centers into the network guarantees constant and secure server
operation. 10 Gigabit is adequate for even the most demanding projects. The communication channels of the technical centre are
fully reserved for reliability and guarantee of continuous operation.

Now, Server Colocation technical centers host over 1000 servers.

Server Colocation technical centers are chosen by both Hosting operators and private customers, as well as large businesses and
government agencies.

Convenient server transport, Quick communication Channels and round-the-clock work of specialized centers enable our clients to
get the most out of their servers.

The customer is given network settings for the server and the Required variety of IP addresses for free.

Colocation conditions

Server Colocation technical facilities accept servers in 2

up to 450 If necessary, a dedicated electricity source can be organized for energy-intensive devices.

Link to the global Internet is carried out through a Standard Fast Ethernet interface (100 Mbps). One network interface is
allocated to the host. If necessary, an additional port can be allocated, and VLAN configurations for many network addresses can
be created.

At Server Colocation technical facilities, power availability And network connectivity are guaranteed 99.98percent of the time per

Server rack rental

To accommodate a large number of host or Electronics, the ideal solution is to lease a rack. This service permits you to
significantly reduce the cost of maintaining and maintaining your IT-structure, remove the risk of failures and loss of data data.

Renting a rack in a data centre is a good way to keep your Equipment running reliably. The Server Colocation data center maintains
a constant temperature, which is vital for the comfortable functioning of servers. The data center has all the necessary tools to
keep the smooth functioning of server and telecommunication equipment.

The Server Colocation information centre is conveniently situated in The center of St. Petersburg, and compliance with quality
standards, safety and reliability of the server area allows us to offer you the most positive conditions for leasing server
equipment in our city.

Favorable rates for lease of racks along with the high Quality of these services provided are what our clients appreciate. We
think about our customers and are always pleased to assist in solving extra-curricular tasks.

Open racks are available for lease at the Frequent room for Server and telecommunication equipment of 19″format. Rack height –