Data center services in Moscow



A data center (from the English data center) is a specialized construction (system ) for setting server and communication
equipment and connecting to Internet channels. Data centers are linked to various communication centers (channels). It is the high
quality and width of these channels that impact the amount of services provided as the main criterion for assessing the quality of
any data center is that the Cheap Colocation Uk accessibility time (uptime).In Russian terminology, the data center has obtained the stable
name of a data storage and processing center (DPC) or a data processing center (DPC).

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Our firm has expertise in the design of
information centers and the construction of data centers (data-center). A team of experts will perfectly carry out all work
throughout the construction process. We execute the design and installation of data centre engineering systems taking into account
the wishes of the client, by building codes and regulations, technical conditions essential for the right performance of
commissioned and installed systems.A universal approach and the use of contemporary technologies allow us to approach the solution
of issues of varying sophistication in the shortest possible time, while not lowering the grade of the work done and celebrating
competitive rates for all kinds of work.The entire selection of services provided by our firm guarantees the customer the
implementation of the essential work on time, based on a set of directions and GOSTs, which decides the requirements for the
installation and design of machine rooms. Additionally, the American standard TIA-942 is used. The standard allows you to think
about a data center project in the early phases of the construction installation procedure, to take into account the relevant
requirements when analyzing the architecture of a building, because it includes information for specialists in a variety of
fields, facilitating their cooperation at the design and building phases. Using a high level of responsibility for the job done.
All data centers can be approximately divided into several types:Big DCs possess their buildings specially made to provide the
best accommodation conditions. They usually have their communication channels to which the Server Colocation Uk are linked. Medium-sized DCs
usually lease a site of a specific size and channels of a certain width (channel width is quantified by its bandwidth in Mbps).
Little DCs are situated in improper assumptions. In general scenarios, gear of inferior quality is used, and the exact minimal of
services is provided. Datacenter layoutDescription of assumptionsLarge data centers have air conditioning systems (maintaining
normal temperature and humidity levels), autonomous power supply systems (fuel supply), stabilization systems (in case of an
earthquake), a gasoline fire extinguishing system (benign to equipment), and electrostatic protection systems. Some data centers
offer customers additional services for using gear to automatically avoid various kinds of attacks. Teams of qualified experts
monitor all servers around the clock. It should be noted that data center services vary greatly in cost and number of providers.
To guarantee the protection of information, backup copying systems are utilized. To stop data theft, data centers use various
systems to limit physical access, video surveillance programs. Incorporate (departmental) data centers, most of the servers of the
corresponding organization are usually concentrated. The gear is mounted in specialized racks. As a rule, the information centre
only accepts rack-mounted gear for positioning, that is, in standard-size enclosures accommodated for rack mounting. Computers in
desktop cases are not convenient for information centers and are rarely found in them.A typical data centre is a room, flooring,
or entire building, typically located within or close a communications hub or point of presence for one or more operators. The
power supply, ventilation, and fire extinguishing methods of the data center are distinguished by enhanced reliability and
redundancy. Of course, there has to be physical protection and a particular regime of admission to the technological assumptions.
Several countries have special standards for the equipment of data centre assumptions. There’s not any such standard in Russia
yet, information centers are equipped following the prerequisites for communication facilities.